Seeing a psychologist 

Well it’s a bag of laughs so far, crikey!

A bit of context – after the recent birth of my second son, I was feeling rather down in the dumps. Worried about postnatal depression, my health visitor rocked up with two questionnaires, one for depression and one for anxiety. As I suspected, the depression score was really low but the anxiety was off the chaaaaaarts (I worry about worrying, and worry when I’m not worrying because surely I must have forgotten what I should be worrying about?! Exhausted reading that? Yeah me too, ugghh).

Well thank the good Lord for Bupa cover, ‘cos psychologists are expensive! (side note – I’ve left church since seeing my psychologist so I should perhaps thank my lucky stars or something instead, but that’s a whole different blog post!).

After a 1 hour assessment call with their Mental Health team, they agree I could do with chilling out a smidge. But I wanted answers, not just a counselling session to get [quite] a few bad experiences off my chest. I wanted to understand why I’m so damn anxious all the time and learn to how change it.

Session 1  (let’s just call my psychologist Marge) was pretty much Marge frantically scribbling down all my major life events before time ran out, perfectly summarised with “yeah, you’re going to need more than 6 sessions”. You’re telling me love!

Fast forward to the present day and I’ve had 10 sessions so far. The last thing we discussed was identifying things I could do instead of eating chocolate… (blog post to follow) and thats when I decided on this blog. I wanted to share this experience and everything I’m learning, because I’m finding it ridiculously helpful and rewarding, and thought it might help others too.

I have a whole bunch of potential posts already on all sorts of topics, your comments and questions are welcomed. If you like what you read then follow the blog and share it with friends.

My name is Lauren, welcome to this little mind of mine.



    • I’m realising there are so many, but it’s such a scary thing to discuss out loud for fear of judgement. Maybe we’re actually the majority! Xx


  1. Lauren that’s a really brave thing to do to, having been involved with this personally I know not an easy thing to do. Small steps all the time and lots of good friends.


  2. Well done Lauren, excellent first blog! After suffering both after the birth of finn, my docs opted for straight, strong meds, no in between. This needs dealing with. Good luck, much love, Tiggs mummy 😊😻❤️❤️❤️ Xxx


    • Oh bless you Karen. I said upfront I didn’t want tablets, that would only help me cope, not recover. So so grateful for Bupa cover otherwise I’d have been on a very long NHS waiting list xx


  3. Well done Lauren, very brave of you to share your experiences, hope this all helps with what you’re having to deal with, one brave lady. xx


  4. A long time ago now I met this really intelligent, cool, funny, empathic woman. To have the courage to share your experience like this shows great character Lauren.
    To quite ones mind and focus requires meditation practice. Have a look and see what you think. Stay cool Kelly – your a diamond.


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