Living on a boat

I’ve been living on a boat…


My boat isn’t big, but it isn’t small either. It’s not as strong as some other boats, so I’ve been a cautious sailor, and I’m careful about where I go.

My boat has been knocked many times. It’s been vandalised, and invaded. My boat has survived, but the damage has remained. With only the basic tools on board, I’ve made repairs as best as I can. Enough to keep me sailing.

I’ve worked really hard to look after my boat.

My boat has stayed in the same waters. I’d often dream about the rest of the ocean, but it’s always been safer in the waters I’m in. These waters aren’t great but I know my way around. I have ventured a littler further afield before, but a bigger boat has always blocked my path. And it’s not all bad, the sun still shines, and I’ve made good friends with boats like mine.

Then one day, there was a life boat. It almost appeared out of nowhere. The Church Life Boat.

The Church Life Boat was safe and sturdy, and I was always welcome. They had lots of advanced tools on board. Over time, I learned how to use these tools and made better repairs to my boat. They also had great techniques to protect my boat from the bigger boats. My boat was becoming stronger, and I was becoming wiser. I felt so proud, so relieved, so grateful. The sun shone a bit brighter.

But after a while reality hit, that my wiser self and my stronger boat were still sailing around the same old waters. I couldn’t live on the Church Life Boat. Life boats are temporary. So I always had to return to my boat. I could still see the damage, though better repaired, and it made me sad. The bigger boats still lurked around, and kept me afraid of another knock.

This was my boat, these were my waters. I would have to make the most of it.

Until I had my beautiful sons. Now they were living on my boat. They’re still just babies, and they’re learning every day. They don’t know that the boat that carries them has been damaged. The repairs were better, but not unbreakable. Repairs would take a hit, and we’d spring a leak. I fixed them at first, but after a while I couldn’t keep up. We were becoming vulnerable to more attacks, and I was running out of materials and energy. We needed help.

I’ve always been driven, determined and hard working. But motherhood brought a fierceness like no other. We were doing something about this boat, and getting out of these waters. We’ll damn well jump ship and swim if we have to.

That’s when I found the Therapy Life Boat.

The Therapy Life Boat was sitting just outside the edge of our waters. I had to really look for it. Marge was there. It’s another safe and sturdy boat, but the views were like nothing I’d ever seen before. The ocean beyond was everything I’d dreamed about, just off in the distance. I could see it now, it was real. This made looking back at my waters difficult. I couldn’t stay there any longer, not after what I’d seen. And Marge knew how to help me get there…

I’ve been sailing strong and steady ever since.

My friends have been cheering me on, and I’ve been sharing the joys with them as I go. Some of the bigger boats have tried to stop me, we’ve collided, but I’ve pushed on and we’ve made it through.

It’s a tough journey, but Marge is alongside me. She is showing me even better tools, that can almost fix the damage for good. With each repair I make, the boat is stronger for the next stretch, and we get closer to the dream land.

I wish I could take everyone with me. I wish everyone could see what I’ve seen, learn what I’ve learned. I’ve hovered a few times, but I just can’t stop now, and I definitely can’t turn back. But I hope as they watch my boat strengthen and grow closer to to that dream land, they might know, that they can do it too.

boat sunset distance




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