Breast Cancer: One Got The All Clear…One Didn’t

I mentioned in When Anxiety Strikes, that I’d had a breast biopsy last week. 

Today my doctor told me I was ‘all clear’ after finding a lump in my breast a couple of weeks ago. I am beyond relieved and grateful.

Today my doctor also told me, that I was one of two women with very similar symptoms, who came in around the same time to be checked. In his words:

“one result was fine, the other… 

[insert suggestive pause and hand gestures]

it’s always best to get checked.”

I thought I’d be fine, but thought it was best to check. My GP was confident I’d be fine, but thought it was best to check. The hospital doctor was optimistic I’d be fine, but thought it was best to check. The sonographer was reasonably confident from the ultrasound that my lump was benign, but she wanted to do the biopsy, because she thought it was best to check. 

They didn’t just think it was best to check, they knew it was best to check. I’m proud and grateful for our NHS. They were all quick, smart and sure. And really quite lovely people, might I add. 

Today I have a wave of relief for myself and despair for this other woman. My heart goes out to her. I hope they’ve caught it early and hope they look after her well. 

Please don’t be optimistic when it comes to cancer. It’s ALWAYS best to check. 

Breast cancer now - touch look check

Did you know ladies, that there are 5 signs for breast cancer? Did you know that some lumps can only be found when laying down, like mine? If you haven’t checked before, or for a while, please take this nudge to check today. 

Cancer doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t need an invitation, it doesn’t apologise.

Don’t be optimistic, be sure. Know. 

Shout out to an old school friend of mine, Jolene, who has been fighting cancer for years. She has stage 4 malignant melanoma, the most aggressive and life threatening form of skin cancer. She has been sharing so much insight with her story and raising awareness over at Melanoma Jo. Please go check out her blog, and show her some love…

…then check your breasts if you ignored me the first time! 💝 


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