An insight into my mind, to help your mind

I’ve recently started seeing a psychologist (known on the blog as ‘Marge’) to overcome¬†anxiety. I was already very analytical and found it¬†incredibly rewarding when I figure out why I think, feel and act the way that I do because it brings about the opportunity for change, or acceptance. Sessions with Marge has accelerated this process and helped me to understand and change a great deal of things already.

I often find that when I share and explain these little insights with my friends and family, there is normally some part of it that they connect with, and so they end up understanding themselves or someone in their life a bit better, or it’s just relieving to hear that they are not the only one who thinks/feels/acts that way.

My two simple blog goals:

  1. To write for myself. I make a lot of sense of my endless thoughts when I see them all and read it back (or when I talk it out with someone, as Marge and my closest friends and family know all too well!)
  2. That you find something helpful for you in my words. That you might understand you a bit more, or someone else in your life, or just feel better to know that someone else feels the way you do.

My name is Lauren, welcome to this little mind of mine.